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2015 ITLS International Trauma Conference

November 10 - 13, 2015

Tropicana Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

June 30, 2013 was the last day to challenge the ITLS International mandated 7th Edition Instructor Update. ITLS Instructors, Affiliate Faculty, Course Coordinators, and Physican Medical Directors who failed to  update by this date have forfeited their ITLS Instructor Certification.  Please direct questions related to this matter to: ITLS Customer Serviced Manager Sue McDonough via email: suem@itrauma.org

ITLS International is a global, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing trauma education. ITLS began as the dream of an emergency physician from Alabama. In January, 1985, the first meeting of ITLS International took place, providing a basis for the organization’s growth. Now, more than a decade later, ITLS International has more than 60 chapters and has trained tens of thousands of individuals in trauma care using a tried and proven method endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Primary Goal:

The primary goal of ITLS TN Inc is to continue to develop and maintain a statewide educational program which assures that a current, effective and systematic approach to the assessment and management of the trauma patient is taught to all levels of health care providers within the Tennessee Emergency Medical Services System.


The specific objectives of the Tennessee ITLS Program are:

1.To facilitate coordination, scheduling, approval and certification of ITLS courses within the state of Tennessee.
2.To develop and maintain a statewide network of ITLS Instructors and Affiliate Faculty to ensure the quality of ITLS courses will not be compromised. 
3.To develop, coordinate and promote an ITLS Instructor’s course to assure that individuals teaching in ITLS courses have a sound background in the principles of adult education as well as the proper care and management of the trauma patient.



To promote Tennessee ITLS through the web site.

To implement forthcoming changes to the structure of ITLS provider courses or to the information regarding patient care which is taught, as directed by ITLS International, Inc.